Dear Fabulous Woman (yes, that’s YOU)

Your world is calling you, it needs you!

My darling lady, I believe, right down to my soul that it’s my mission, your mission…OUR mission, as glorious, loving, caring, romantic, sassy, savvy women, to empower each other to spread the word and share the love, because God knows, the world needs it right now!

The World Needs Love

The world needs romance!

If you’ve ever been made to feel any less than the good person you are at your soul, you’ve experienced bad romance.  

If your inner voice is bitching at you most of the time, that’s bad romance too.

When you feel cornered, trapped, stuck…that’s bad romance.

And when you experience those icky, uncomfortable, angry, frustrated sensations from negative people, poor services and low quality products…that’s also feeling the effects of bad romance!

You want to be the woman you know you are at your core, you want to celebrate your femininity your way, you want to love and be loved but somehow, you’re made to feel stupid, guilty or wrong for wanting these things…that’s seriously bad romance.

I’ve been there, done that, got the spangly T-shirt…!

Ladies, if you’re reading this, then maybe you’re looking for something more than you’ve got just now, but here’s the problem…

There are many thousands of people who want to enjoy or experience good romance. They say they can’t find it, they say it’s dead, maybe you say these things too.  

Honey listen to me, it’s time to change your perspective.  


Romance is EVERYWHERE, you just have to know how to SEE it.

Beautiful ladies, there is a massive, global shift going on with our planet’s consciousness. 

There are more and more financially independent women emerging and the numbers are rising.  

We have more equal rights, more freedom, more choices.

We’re no longer ‘tied to the kitchen sink’, we’re running businesses from it! 

We’re no longer tarred and feathered if we have child out of wedlock, we raise them, single-handedly AND have careers.

We’re soldiers, astronauts, surgeons, footballers and entrepreneurs!

We lead successful businesses, huge corporations and powerful countries…yes indeed, times have changed!

We have more ways to connect, more TV channels, more influences but, it’s come at a cost…boundaries everywhere have become very blurred; business boundaries, family boundaries, social media boundaries, intimate relationship boundaries…blurred boundaries cause feelings of bad romance.


There are new roles and new rules,

we need new goals and new tools.


Now, in my world, romance isn’t solely provided or bestowed upon you by ONE, super-duper, bouquet-bearing, white-stallion-riding dude (or dudette).

And I believe that dating is not just for singles it’s for EVERYONE and, romance is not just for couples, it’s for EVERYONE.

Why do I believe this?  Because my romance philosophy is this: 


Romance is love, expressed.  

That’s it!  

Redefining ‘romance’ into that one little phrase has turned my mind, my heart and my life around and I want to share it with you because…it’s a ripple effect.

When we express love through thoughts, words and deeds, we can’t help but be more…romantic.  See, romance really is everywhere!  

Here’s the double-bubble bonus, when you live a life of romance, you cause a ripple effect.  Everyone benefits!

And, when you’re happier, you draw even more happiness to you. 

My philosophy of romance is based on old-fashioned values with modern perspectives and it’s built on 3 solid pillars:

 Love Yourself, Love LIFE, Love Others.

This is the philosophy, formula and focus of romance coaching and this IS The Romance Club.  

It’s a warm, safe space to talk about the things you love, about your LIFE,  your passions, your concerns and to provide tools to change your life to one you love, a life filled with more passion, more love, more romance every single day.

But first, you must identify the bad romance in your life.  

Is it a cluttered home or mind, is it the inner-meanie voice in your head, is it a partnership or friendship that’s irking you.  

Is it old guilt, new guilt, debt or drama?

Whatever it is that’s sitting like a stone in your shoe, not quite disabling you but, it’s there, it irritates you or hurts you or even makes you cry…that’s bad romance.  

Putting up with stones in your shoes is not loving yourself.

NOT loving yourself breaks the first rule of the Romance Club!

Begin the change right now and BE the change and let’s rock this romance revolution girlfriend and create some romance waves!

Go grab that life!

I believe YOU are a fabulous woman.

WE are a sisterhood of fabulous women!  

We are unique, talented, compassionate and we want to make a difference, let’s step up to who we really are!

Let’s dedicate 2017 to ending bad romance and making the world a more caring, loving and ROMANTIC place AND living sassy, savvy, kick-ass lives!

 With love and honour from your friend


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